Hello, is anybody there?

I wasn't the only one who didn't eat breakfast.

You need to focus on your strengths.

I don't drink and I don't smoke.


The old church on the hill dates back to the twelfth century.

You are very handsome and always so strong.

Where is my invite?

There's no tape in this camera.

He tried not to cry.


My roommate is studying Chinese.


I'll show you 'round the property.

Price wants to know how much he owes you.

Can't you see I'm not interested?

Shall we get started?

It might happen.

He said that he had told you to speak more slowly.

Pilot was thrown from his horse.


You can crash on the sofa if you're tired.

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The danger is minimal.

I can't do that anymore.

Not everyone was convinced.

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What makes you think that I'm against that?


Did they buy it?


Barry didn't offer us anything to eat.

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Andreas crouched down by the gate.

The sky was gray all morning.

My aunt is none the happier for her great wealth.


Let's talk to Harold.

According to me it has no sense.

Excuse me, what is the shortest way to go to the station?

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He jumped into the water with a splash.

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That fungus is deadly, but many others are actually edible.

He was eating a sandwich.

What with overwork and poor meals, she fell ill.

I'm not involving her.

In 1964, Roger Miller agreed to record sixteen songs. One of those songs was "Dang Me." It became his first number one selling record.

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I'll tell you what we're going to do.

The amount payable on the electricity bill was low.

I have a list here.

There is no excuse for such behavior.

This is my first day.

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He already intends to go to the sea.


What will it take to get you to vote for me?

The Princess and the Irishman recognised each other, and were married, and had a great wedding that lasted for a year and a day.

I think I know what the problem is here.

I'll give these puppies to whoever likes dogs.

He descended to stealing.

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I can go anyplace I want.

It's dangerous to mix these substances.

You got here too early.


I was interested in him because his paintings really impressed me.


Now he tells me the truth.

I've heard that story before.

How've you been feeling?

He drives a pimped-out Cadillac Escalade.

You've been stealing from me.

Everything's in order here.

I'll have to do it manually.


Dr. Jackson is one of the leading cardiologists in Boston.

I'm sure he'll go.

If she studied hard, she could pass the exam.

"Are you going on holiday by yourself?" "No, my problems are coming with me."

What's your status?


If you're trying to scare me, you're succeeding.


I just had a quick look. It wasn't interesting at all.

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I met him online.

I have never been inside a jail.

Did you get what you want from Socorrito?


Where's my shirt?

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Is something wrong with me?


I won't let you take him.

Fruits tend to decay soon.

I love this solar storm.


I received an email message.

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

A man is known by his friends.


It's not time to stop yet.


Can you read what's written on the blackboard?

Please give me a smile.

You just have to get out of here right now.


I wish I'd bought a size larger.

Why isn't Werner here today?

She doesn't understand British humour.

I can't wait to tell you.

To make matters worse, he began to drink sake.

Physics is my favorite subject.

My grandmother has a twin brother.

Stacy kept focused.

I have to think.

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You have one hour to get this done.

I am going to study English next year.

Flowers die if they don't have water.

Do you want to hold my dog?

I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding.

Have you told Betty about what happened?

Nanda lives alone.

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Will you let me at it?

Novo can swim better than Jelske.

It's the tip of the iceberg.


Blayne fell out of love with Ahmet.

You must excuse me now.

He is a very serious person.

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Terri is an attractive girl.

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I'm ashamed to ask you such a silly question.

I will surely miss them.

I like him best of all the teachers.

Lynnette doesn't need to make that decision now.

I'm going to hang up now.

Jack was tired, but he looked well.

No one is there but Dominic.

I'm still not used to getting up so early in the morning.

Lucifer pulled Sorrel out of the mud.

He counted to one hundred.

Look! She looks easy.

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Bolt is bound to win.

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What he says is very important.

By the end of June, they were ready to vote.

Be careful not to hurt yourself.

This is the most beautiful season.

Amos seems out of touch.

Don't press your opinions on me.

You should've come and talked to me.


We very much enjoyed the meal we had at her home last Sunday.


I had a good holiday.

You've always complained that we don't take enough interest in your business.

You won't have any more trouble with Tigger.


They know everything.

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Damone said he agrees it's a problem.

I don't know why Kathryn hates me so much.

I was just kidding when I said that.

You're funny.

I don't require your understanding.

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It occurred to me spontaneously.

The scientific truth of evolution is so overwhelmingly established, that it is virtually impossible to refute.

The pike is not yet struck.

Why don't you ever wash the dishes?

I must know the truth about Moore.

I want a few empty glasses.

Japan has to reconstruct its economy.

Kent isn't really interested. He's just being polite.

They're bluffing.

Elwood had enough sense to not go out by himself after dark.

We don't like unexpected guests.


She's wearing a hat.

They have two dictionaries.

I regret to say that he is ill in bed.

Public opinion polls are barometers of confidence in the government.

Which present shall I take to the party?

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In a sense, I can understand his confusion.

It told Shai that I was sorry.

What sort of stupid project is this anyway?

Do you eat meat every day?

Anderson says he doesn't know anything about Boston.

Was it necessary to inflict such a punishment on him?

My mother bought some apples at a fruit store.

He took advantage of every opportunity he had.

Johnathan gave Fletcher a big wink.